Isabella Clark’s, first time brutal dildo experience

Isabella Clark is a naturla when it comes to smashing her cunt and ass open with massive brutal fuck toys :) In this brand new scene Isabella decides to concentrate on destorying her ASSHOLE with a series of scary looking dildos…this bitch ain’t gonna shit properly ever again :)

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Brutal dildos video with Nicole – horny teen fucks TWO massive dildos :)

Nicole knows what she wants, and she's not afraid to get it! When she is feeling this horny, no mans cock would ever be enough to satisfy her hungry little pussy - she reaches for her favorite brutal dildos and jams them inside her holes as hard and as deep as she can...insatiable little dildo whore!

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SLut fucks her cunt with a huge dildo, till her cunt squirts

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Brutal dildos legend, Jayda pounded in the ass by a machine

teen blonde jayda anal didlo machine sex

19 year old blonde Jayda had become well known throughout the world due to her amazing dildo penetration talents – there is not a dildo on this earth that Jayda can’t handle in her cunt or ass….

In this 100% exclusive Brutal dildos scene, Jayda is taking some shocking anal dildo punishment – a long, fat dildo has been attached to a electrical machine, that is capable of fucking her at 5000rpm!  Most girls wouldn’t run a  mile from such a fearsome machine – but not Jayda…and as she is always keen to take dildo sex to new extremes, she even lets it fuck her ASS….a brutal dildo penetrating her anus at 5000rpm!?  Holy fuck if she can handle that Jayda is invincible!

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Brutal dildos newcomer Tina, tests her new fuck toy…on her ASS :)

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Tina is new the world of Brutal Dildos, but here she is in her first scene and she looks like a total pro!  Not only does she tackle a ferocious looking purple dildo, she attacks her ASSHOLE with it…she is either brave or fucking insane – a dildo that size could land you in hospital :)

She starts by sucking on the rubber dick…her own saliva will lubricate the beast.  Then she starts to push it against her tight asshole – how the fuck is a dildo that size ever going to squeeze inside her asshole!?  The answer is sheer brute force - if she pushes hard enough it’ll eventually penetrate her ass, and she will start to get the benefit of this destructive dildo. This young slut obviously has an amazing talent for fucking the worlds largest dildos, in ANY hole :)

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Teen girl Eva, fucking her first ever BRUTAL dildo :)

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Eva is fun loving teen girl who only turned 18 years old a few weeks ago – as a joke one of her girlfriends bought her a massive brutal dildo…but Eva doesn’t see it as a joke…she sees it as a challenge, and while most girls her age wouldn’t even consider fucking such a giant fuck toy – to Eva, it’s become a mission…she WILL fuck that huge dildo, and fuck it DEEP!

She starts by sucking on the dildo likes its a huge fat cock…she just knows it will stretch her cunt to breaking point…the pain may be as intense as the pleasure…no cock will ever satisfy & stretch her like this dildo will – as she slips it inside her dripping wet cunt, she can’t believe how good it feels – this won’t be last adventure with oversized, brutal dildos :)

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Hot babe Silvie, fills her tight pussy with huge brutal dildos

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Lets face it 18 tear old brunette babe Silvie could have any man she chooses…but she choose to be alone in her bedroom fucking huge brutal dildos…after all what man could ever penetrate her pussy or ass like these monstrous sex toys can!?

In this video Silvie is in the mood for an intense, memorable orgasm…dildos this size, almost guarantee this, so she launches the first dildo inside her already dripping wet cunt…feels so fucking good…she needs more & more – she needs another toy inside her….a larger one – this is one insatiable dildo bitch :)

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Young, petite lesbians stercth each others holes, with a huge brutal strapon dildo :)

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To the uneducated eye, Tailor & Katie are just an average, cute innocent lesbian couple – it’s only in the bedroom that we see that they obsessed with penetrating each others pussy & ass with the largest, most brutal dildos & strap-on dildos imaginable!

The penetrations this pair take for granted are probably ILLEGAL in some countries…dildos as long as your arm and at least 6″ thick are what excites them most.  In these videos the girls are attacking each others holes with massive brutal strap-on dildos - no man could ever fuck them like these toys can…

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Pretty blonde teen virgin destroys her cunt with a huge brutal dildo

19 year old blonde Kathy is the kind of teen, no red-blooded man could EVER refuse…but sadly for us, Kathy does not need a man to be fully satisfied – she owns several brutal dildos that give her more satisfaction than any man could even DFREAM off!

 Kathy is still technically a virgin (no cock has ever penetrated that juicy little cunt) – however her pussy has been penetrated & stretched MANY times over with oversized, brutal fuck toys.  Whichever lucky man gets to pop this virgins cherry has an almost impossible task to live up too, how can any mans cock measure up to monster dildos  that are as long as your arm!  Watching Kathy handle with ease, these destructive toys, proves that she is one very special & unique girl :)


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Cute blonde stuffing TWO huge dildos in her tight little pussy

This cute young blonde is SO horny she’s forcing TWO huge dildos toys up her tight little cunt :)  How she manages to penetrate herself so deep is a total mystery, but the end result of this intense extreme dildo fucking is always the say – a satisfying wet squirting orgasm :)


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